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In Africa
The Canadian firm Micro Centre Pythagore Inc. is associated with the completion of work in education for many years. We present some of the projects that were carried out in Africa.
Here is the identification of countries associated to technical support projects or assessment in learning achievement.
In 1991, Benin undertook a reform of its educational system at the primary level. The American Government via the USAID (United States of America International Development) proposed a program of cooperation in education at primary level. This project took the name of CLEF (Children Learning and Equity Foundations). In 1992, a set of "action plans" was developed, some touching the educational sectors of the school system: training of the staff, educational material, curricula, and evaluation of learnings. Several consultants were associated to the implementation of the measures retained by the Beninese persons in charge of their setting-up. Micro Centre Pythagore realized certain technical works connected with this project. 
In its new guidance law, the Burkinabe government fixed as objective to the educational system to allow the learners of every level of education to acquire general and technical knowledge and fundamental skills necessary for their life by giving them the possibility of exercising a job or of undertaking studies at an upper level. So, the system of assessment should carry at the same time on knowledge, social skills and the know-how. In its action plan the PACEB (Canadian Support Project for the Basic Education) suggested supporting the Ministry of the Education in its efforts to adapt the Basic school-leaving qualification and make so that it gives evidence not only of the level of knowledge acquired by the pupils but also the developed skills. At the request of Sofeg Inc, Micro Centre Pythagore realized certain works between 1998 and 2000. 
Within the framework of the program of improvement of the Guinean primary school and the cooperation between the Guinean and American governments, the project named Fundamental Quality in Education Level (FQEL) was set up. This project joins in the second phase of the Program of Sector-based Adjustment of the Education (PASE II). Canadian consultants were associated to the implementation of the measures retained by the Guinean persons in charge of their setting-up. Micro Centre Pythagore realized certain technical works connected with this project. 
The Burkina Faso collects annually information on the follow-up of learning in the primary sector. Micro Centre Pythagore assists the persons in charge of this mechanism of evaluation as well as in the processing of the information. Since the school year 2000-2001, inquiries on the school experiences are periodically realized. 
Micro Centre Pythagore has been associated with a project of evaluation of educational and social measures in Nigeria; this intervention is identified as COMPASS (Community Participation for action in the Social Sectors). Micro Centre Pythagore realized certain technical works connected with this project between 2004 and 2009. 
In 2006 and 2007, Micro Centre Pythagore was associated with the Project of Improvement of the Quality of the Tunisian Educational System. This project concerned the following aspects: i) suggest a reference frame for the new system of evaluation setting up at the level of the Middle School (College); ii) help to define modalities of evaluation of the skills in the various learnings; iii) help in the elaboration of a practical guide of evaluation for the teachers of the Middle School; and iv) define a training program for teachers in evaluation. Micro Centre Pythagore was associated to this project. 
During year 2007, Micro Centre Pythagore was associated with a mission of consultation in Cameroon within the framework of the Project of Support for the Educational System (PASE) for the realization of instruments of evaluation of the learning. 
A mandate of consultation realized in 2011 in Morocco was a part of the project «Study on the improvement and the standardization of systems of exams and elaboration of items banks » confided to the CIDE (International Consortium of Development in Education). Two workshops of training concerning the items analysis were held. Briefly, the objective pursued by these workshops concerned the interpretation of the statistical indications of the items analysis to be able to use the parameters associated to items analysis (in particular the difficulty and the discrimination). 
From May, 2012 to May, 2013, Micro Centre Pythagore was associated to the titled project Introduction and development of the standardized tests in the primary and in secondary 1st cycle (Republic of Congo) financed by the World Bank via the PRAÉBASE (Project of Support for the Basic Education) of the Ministry of the Primary, Secondary Education and the Elimination of literacy (MEPSA) in the Republic of Congo. 
The organization of the various school examinations and the competition which falls to the school authorities responsible for the administration of tests and for competition within the framework of the certification of the studies or the admission at a school level requires the availability of instruments of evaluation respecting high quality standards. Several school systems consider appropriate to set up quality items banks. To guarantee the elaboration of quality items respecting standards and rigorous criteria, specialists' help in this domain constitutes a significant asset. It is also necessary to be able to have adapted computing tools. Micro Centre Pythagore can supply services adapted to needs expressed by the persons in charge of evaluation. 
Benin performs during the years 2016 and 2017, an assessment of teaching practices of primary teachers. This study is carried out using a series of observations of teachers in a classroom. Micro Centre Pythagore carries out various tasks related to data processing and statistical compilations. 
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