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Offered services
Several organizations in the public and private sectors must develop evaluation mechanisms to better achieve their mission. These operations are usually done by using samples; these projects may include various facets such as evaluation of curricula, staff assessment, learning assessment, the analysis of opinions on various subjects, the measurement of acquired skills, the assessment skills, the development of items banks, the identification of factors affecting the acquisition of skills. 
For carrying out such operations, persons in charge know the importance of having rigorous sampling mechanisms, information gathering process, data analysis and report production. Micro Centre Pythagore Inc. offers support services for the realization of evaluation activities. To do this, this firm has rigorous mechanisms to support the implementation of an evaluation project. For several years, this firm has been associated to the conducting of training activities on issues affecting particularly the assessment. Many of its interventions are performed internationally. We present certain services offered by this consulting firm; we grouped these services in relation to the following components:  
  • Training and Documentation  
  • Evaluation and Surveys  
  • Sampling  
  • Data Processing 
Some documents provide additional information to those addressed in the following pages; here's the list:

•  Sampling
•  Data Processing
•  Items Banks
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