This mandate of consultation realized in 2011 in Morocco was a part of the project “Study on the improvement and the standardization of systems of exams and elaboration of banks of items” confided to the CIDE (International Consortium of Development in Education).  Two workshops of training concerning the items analysis were held. Briefly, the objective pursued by these workshops concerned the interpretation of the statistical indications of the items analysis to be able to use the parameters associated to items analysis (in particular the difficulty and the discrimination).


To be capable of realizing the objectives on these workshops, the consultant proposed a method facilitating their realization by the participants in the activities. We can group these activities with regard to the following three axes:


1.  Presentation of the concepts. There was first of all presentation of the concepts connected with analyses to be realized the statistical treatment: i) indications of difficulties and discrimination; ii) indication of coherence of a test; iii) indication of differentiated items functioning.


2.  Illustration using examples. Afterward, the consultant presented some examples of statistical compilations to allow the participants to examine the value of the produced statistics and to propose interpretations.


3.  Works in teams. The participants were invited to examine statistical reports and to propose the interpretation of the statistics calculated from databases containing data produced from evaluations realized in school systems. These works were realized in working team; every team used different statistical reports. After examination, each group presented to other participants its conclusions.


To illustrate different modalities of computing the statistical indications, the consultant also presented the steps foreseen for the execution of the compilations allowing to obtain the statistical indications reporting analyses with regard to the classic theory and with regard to the items response theory. Two softwares were used to allow these compilations.


A bank of information including all the available documents and databases was prepared within the framework of these training workshops. It was recorded on a CD; one software of interrogation was used to facilitate the access to the documents. All files and bases necessary for the realization of the practical works are included on this CD.


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