COMPASS Project in Nigeria



Between 2004 and 2009, Educan and Micro Centre Pythagore were retained to assure the evaluation of a program of intervention financed by the USAID (United States Agency for International Development). It is about the program Community Participation for Action in the Social Sector (COMPASS). The sector education of this program includes the following aspects: the training of the teaching personnel with regard to new educational practices, the production of new educational materials and the preparation of educational school radio programs. Two disciplines - English and Mathematics - were annually estimated with pupils' samples of six levels of the primary sector. The Micro Centre Pythagore Inc. was associated with the driving of the technical works of treatment of data and statistical compilations as well as with the selection of the required samples. The first series of evaluations took place during the school year 2005-2006. So, four evaluations were realized involving 250 schools. We can note that besides tests of English and Mathematics, the pupils were invited to answer a questionnaire concerning certain personal characteristics and their school lived. Questionnaires were also administered to the teachers of the evaluated pupils; the principals of schools being a member of the sample were invited to answer a questionnaire concerning the educational and administrative practices of their school.

Several reports of evaluation were prepared following the administration of the tests and the additional questionnaires. Technical reports containing the whole treated information were also made available on electronic support ("CD").


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