Certification of Studies in Burkina Faso



Between 2005 and 2015, Micro Centre Pythagore was involved in various activities related to the administration of certification examinations at primary level in Burkina Faso. This work was made at the department responsible of Certification. First, there was works related to the demarche of this evaluation process: preparation of examinations, administration of the mechanism, marking examinations and data processing. It then became important to guide the preparation of data collection instruments according to a set of tables of specification respecting the content of the official curriculum.

Subsequently, there have been preparing items banks involving several disciplines objects of certification at primary level. The organization of various examinations requires the availability of assessment instruments which respect high quality standards. Several school systems consider appropriate to develop quality items banks. To ensure the development of quality items respecting standards and rigorous criteria, accompanying experts in this field is a valuable asset. It is also necessary to have the appropriate IT tools. Micro Centre Pythagore was able to provide services tailored to the needs expressed by school officials.

There has been technical assistance for the implementation of items banks for the administration of certification examinations at primary level in Burkina Faso as part of projects financed by Canadian cooperation. Among the tasks performed, the expert conducted staff training on the evaluation of learning (in particular, the development of tables of specification, preparing items, ability to use the software used for the computerization of items banks, statistical analyzes); and development of item banks for the preparation of tests used in the administration of the Certificate of Primary Education (CEP).

Many items banks were developed in relation to different disciplines: i) French; ii) mathematics; iii) science; iv) geography; v) history; vi) drawing. It was also decided to develop multilingual items banks (eight national languages were selected and Arabic).


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