During 2006 and 2007, Micro Centre Pythagore was associated with the Project of Improvement of the Quality of the Tunisian Educational System. This project concerns the following aspects: i) suggest a reference frame for the new system of evaluation setting up at the level of the middle school; ii) help to define modalities of evaluation of the skills in the various learnings; iii) help in the elaboration of a practical guide of evaluation for the teachers of the middle school; and iv) define a training program in evaluation for the teachers.


There was a study of the context linked to the introduction of the new curricula to the middle school which comes along with new educational materials and with procedures of students' evaluation adapted to the introduced modifications and to propose strategies of introduction of modalities of evaluation adapted to the new curricula.

The executed tasks were:

  • Study of the context of the changes brought to the educational organization to the middle school.


  • Animation of sessions of exchanges of points of view on the questions touching the student's evaluation.


  • Precision on the types of evaluation to be privileged, in particular the formative evaluation and the summative evaluation.


  • Preparation of a bank of information on the evaluation of the learning.


A bank of information on the evaluation of the learning was prepared within the framework of this accompaniment. It was registered on a CD; software was used to facilitate the access to the documents.


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