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At International Level
The Canadian firm Micro Centre Pythagore Inc. is associated with the completion of work in education for many years. We present some of the projects that were carried out at International level.
Here is the identification of countries associated to technical support projects or assessment in learning achievement.
Educational Testing Service (ETS) realized two international evaluations between 1986 and 1992, indicated by the expression International Assessment of Educational Progress. Micro Centre Pythagore carried out some technical works connected with these two large-scale projects. 
DIEPE (Description Internationale des Enseignements et des Performances en matière d'Écrit) appoints a group constituted in 1991 which elaborated and leads a project of evaluation of written French at secondary level. Two countries, France and Belgium, as well as two Canadian provinces, Quebec and New Brunswick, participated in this evaluation. Micro Centre Pythagore executed some technical tasks. 
Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) was realized in 1995 by the International Association for the Evaluation (IEA). The Canadian persons in charge of TIMSS asked to the University Laval (Quebec) to realize certain operations that must be executed in Quebec within the framework of this project. Micro Centre Pythagore carried out technical works connected with this administration. 
Haiti is studying the possibility of joining the international assessments conducted by the IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement). To be able to run the testing of this evaluation mechanism in May 2016, there has been preparation of a set of data collection instruments. Micro Centre Pythagore attended a seminar on writing the required tests and questionnaires. 
In collaboration with the Institut de recherche et de documentation pédagogique (IRDP) in Neuchatel, Micro Centre Pythagore prepared the EduG software that is based on the analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the generalizability theory. Specifically, it identifies the sources of variance that can influence the performance of groups of students. For more information, please visit this link:  https://www.irdp.ch/institut/edug-1624.html

You can view documents linked to the work done by Micro Centre Pythagore at international level. Here's the list

•  International Evaluation IAEP
•  Evaluation of French Writing at High School
•  Administration in Quebec of an international evaluation in mathematics and in science
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