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Data Processing
After having taken the decision to carry out an evaluation activity or collection of information, it is necessary to adequately plan for data collection. The preparation of instruments to be used (tests, questionnaires, observation grids) to collect the desired information is a very important step. Then there should be treatments that will be needed to be able to prepare the necessary reports for the communication of survey results. Micro Centre Pythagore has computer tools to establish links between information collection requirements and processing of collected information. 
After collecting the data using different measuring instruments, it is necessary to provide coding and data entry using adaptive computer technology. Micro Centre Pythagore offers tools tailored to the situation. Thus multiple input modalities are proposed to accommodate the needs and available resources. Many customers decide to use the optical reading for data entry; Micro Centre Pythagore is able to provide services in relation to this technique. 
As part of the completion of a research, it is important to check the conformity of the information entered on a computer system. Micro Centre Pythagore provides several strategies to help managers perform the quality control of the data and processes used to perform the required tasks. Several techniques can be used. If required, it is possible to retain the appropriated procedures to control the quality of the marking of the answers provided by the students. 
The studies often use data processing. Managers must be able to ensure the preparation of databases that will be needed to perform the desired compilations. Micro Centre Pythagore has the expertise and tools required to accomplish these important tasks. 
To be able to collect data that will achieve an evaluation of learning, we must prepare tests and questionnaires. It is the same for the administration a certification of studies mechanism. Several school systems develop quality items banks. Micro Centre Pythagore has computer tools for preparing multilingual items banks or questions. The firm can also offer activities that will ensure the development of quality items respecting standards and rigorous criteria. 
It is important to treat the information available from rigorous databases while respecting the timetable set for the research activity. To ensure data processing, Micro Centre Pythagore developed computer programs to perform required tasks. The technology allows to be connected with different Information Technologies tools. 
The research phase connected to the analysis of the collected data is very important. The results of compilations allow managers to confirm or refute the assumptions made at the time of planning the overall research. The results will be part of the report produced in order to describe the phenomenon studied and draw the necessary conclusions. Micro Centre Pythagore developed a set of software tools to produce statistical compilations most commonly used in education: item analysis, computing of average results, tables of mean scores, analysis of differential item functioning when this is a test; frequency distribution and frequency tables in the case of a questionnaire. 
It is important that the results linked to an assessment are communicated as soon as possible after collecting information. Moreover, the reports prepared using the available data must be adapted to the identified target audiences. The consultants associated with the work of Micro Centre Pythagore are qualified to write or assist staff relate to the drafting of evaluation reports arousing the interest of readers while containing information strictly observing reality.
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