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Evaluation and Surveys
Micro Centre Pythagore can assist the school staff involved in the implementation of a learning assessment or conducting surveys involving students, parents or school staff. The firm is able to perform functions of support or coordination for evaluation projects. It is also entrusted with the responsibility for conducting studies internationally. Given the needs, Micro Centre Pythagore can support an organization in implementing the activities related to conduct an assessment or survey:  
  • training of personnel involved in the assessment process;  
  • doing the choice of instrumentation to be used;  
  • selecting the sampling plan for the evaluation;  
  • reviewing or completing required paperwork;  
  • preparing the specification tables of the tests to be used;  
  • developing items banks;  
  • preparation databases;  
  • doing quality control of data and the evaluation process;  
  • accomplishment of statistical analysis;  
  • preparing evaluation reports.
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