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Training and Documentation
lt is often necessary to conduct training activities related to the evaluation of learning. Micro Centre Pythagore frequently organizes such activities within the framework of mandates entrusted to it. This firm usually conducts these activities from the tasks performed by the applicants or based on projects under implementation. In addition to the presentation of concepts related to the affected area, staff at Micro Centre Pythagore associated with training focuses on practical work and the use of devices adapted to the situation. Tools for establishing competency profiles in relation to the evaluation of learning were developed by the firm; they are used to better target the needs for training or development. Micro Centre Pythagore offers sessions lasting adapted to the needs identified during which various issues related to measurement and evaluation can be treated:
  • definition of a research design;  
  • management of assessment activity;  
  • development or selection of the data collection instrumentation;  
  • sampling, if the mechanism requires;  
  • preparation of tables of specification;  
  • developing items banks;  
  • preparation of databases;  
  • statistical analysis;  
  • reports production.
After conducting a research, it is highly desirable to develop information bank that will contain all the information collected, processed and disclosed in the course of an investigation. It is important to make this information easily accessible while preserving confidentiality if required. Thus it is sometimes necessary to recode some information to respect their privacy. Furthermore, the information made available should be recorded and kept on easy media access and security to the integrity of the information. Micro Centre Pythagore has the expertise to prepare such information banks safe and easy to consult. 
Micro Centre Pythagore developed a series of questionnaires to examine the capacity in evaluation of learning. These tools are aimed at people involved in the evaluation of learning or to review the operation of a school. Kits are available; these questionnaires can be tailored to the needs expressed by school officials. The tools available concern the following personnel:
  • tool allows a teacher to examine teaching practices;  
  • questionnaire addressed to school principals wishing to review administrative practices within the school;  
  • it is also possible to use another tool in the analysis of the educational and administrative functioning of a school;  
  • tool aimed at a responsible evaluation of learning in a school system. 
When starting a project in education, mainly when there is implementation of an educational innovation, it is usually necessary to make a documentary research on the subjects concerned. Micro Centre Pythagore is able to conduct such research. Consultants with the required expertise are then associated to such work.
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