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EduStat software is intended as a support tool for the realization of projects of evaluation, survey or research. It is especially for those who use collection of opinions, measuring attitudes, knowledge or performance for the evaluation of learning. This software assists the personnel involved in an evaluation project for:
i.     planning of an evaluation or a survey; 
ii.    selection of a sample, if required; 
iii.   the data entry which have been collected; 
iv.   the quality control of the collected information; 
v.    statistical compilations; 
vi.   production of tables of results to be included in the reports detailing the research.

This software is used since many years for the realization of national and international assessment as well as in some African countries projects mainly in education. This tool can easily be integrated in evaluation activities for the following reasons:  
  • the software interface is bilingual (French and English) and could be translated into other languages;  
  • databases can contain up to three different languages;  
  • it integrates most phases in an evaluative research;  
  • it includes sampling options;  
  • it includes data entry options;  
  • it contains a set of mechanisms to control the quality of data collected;  
  • it makes available several options for statistical compilations suited to the evaluation of learning;  
  • it allows the creation of multilingual items banks and use them;  
  • it builds bridges with other data processing softwares.  
Here are some features relating to the operation of this software:  
  • the passage from one language to another is done in a few clicks;  
  • a single database can contain descriptive text in three languages;  
  • statistical reports can be produced in French and English when the texts included in the database are available in both languages;  
  • if the language of texts other than French or English have been translated accordingly, statistical reports produced by the software can be done in these languages;  
  • contextual help is currently available in French;  
  • user guide (currently in French) can be consulted when using EduStat;  
  • updates are carried out automatically via the Internet;  
  • a set of disclosure documents on the operation of the software and the learning assessment process is available directly from the software;  
  • it is possible to secure databases and items banks to ensure confidentiality;  
  • it is possible to prepare macros to automate statistical compilations;  
  • the version distributed via the Internet is a trial version that includes all the features of a paid version of the software;  
  • four versions of the software are available for additional uses; software customization are updating will use meet the needs expressed. 
In addition to be able to view many videos with the four versions of EduStat, it is possible to consult texts that make the presentation. Here is the list of summary documents that can be browsed or downloaded:

•  Four Versions Adapted to User's Needs
•  Evaluation Version
•  “Items Banks” Version
•  “Sampling” Version
•  “Statistical Computing” Version
•  “Complete” Version
•  Personalization and Activation
•  Accompanying Software to Conduct  an Evaluation
It is also possible to download EduStat User Guide (available in French only); press the next button.
Other sections of this website allow browsing a set of documents on EduStat. They are available in different formats:  
  • slideshows on the operation of data processing options and, if relevant, the illustration of produced reports;  
  • videos on various options of the software (not yet available in English).  
These documents can be viewed and saved from the website according to the identified options for this purpose.
Last update : 2018-03-07