EduStat Software


Accompanying Software 
to Conduct an Evaluation


EduStat is a support tool to conduct evaluation projects mainly in education. To better adapt to different needs, this software is available in several versions.


Here briefly introduced the software under different aspects:

> It is a management tool for evaluation activities;

> this software can be integrated into the evaluation process;

> it is a mechanism adapted to staff working in the field of education;

> this software is available in versions tailored to the specific needs of the school staff.


Management tool for evaluation in education


This software assists the personnel associated to an evaluation activity for:

> the preparation of the evaluation plan

> the selection of sample, if required;

> the capture data collected;

> the quality control of the collected information;

> the compilations of statistics;

> the production of results tables to include in the reports detailing the assessment.


Integrated tool in the evaluation process


This software is used since many years for the realization of national projects and international evaluation in education. This tool can easily be integrated in evaluation activities for the following reasons:

> it can be customized to best suit a specific project;

> its interface is bilingual (French and English);

> databases can be multilingual and it is possible to produce reports using languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than French and English;

> integrates most phases of carrying out an assessment, from sampling to production of evaluation reports;

> it includes sampling options when it is required;

> it includes data entry options;

> it contains a set of mechanisms to control the quality of collected data;

> it makes available several options of statistical compilations suited to the evaluation of learning;

> it allows the creation of multilingual items banks and use them;

> it builds bridges with other data processing software.


Tool for the staff working in the field of education


Here are some features relating to the operation of this software:

> the passage of a software language to another is done in a few clicks;

> a single database can contain descriptive text in up to three languages;

> statistical reports can be produced in several languages if the texts in the desired language are included in the database;

> the software updates is saved automatically over the Internet;

> a set of documents on the operation of the software and the learning assessment process is available directly from the software;

> it is possible to secure databases and items banks to ensure confidentiality;

> the software can prepare macros commands to automate statistical compilations.


Software available in several versions


Four versions of the software can meet the needs of various officials of evaluation activities in education:

> a version for preparing items banks and their use;

> a version for selecting samples;

> a version for running different statistical compilations;

> a full version including all data processing options.



An evaluation version of EduStat can be downloaded from the this Web site

The evaluation version includes all the menus and options part of the full version of EduStat. Limitations related to the number of records and modifications in databases. All the functions provided in this software can be realized. Databases are stored in the appropriated files.

After experimenting the operation of this software using the evaluation version, it will be possible to buy one version and get a file that will customize the software accordingly; this file will enable the activation of the software.

A set of videos present EduSat. One of them briefly discusses each menu part of this program.

EduStat software is developed by the Canadian company Micro Centre Pythagore. This firm is associated, since many years, to the realization of evaluation projects in education; EduStat is adapted to execute technical tasks involving the data entry, to prepare databases, to select samples, and to accomplish the quality control on assessment procedures and on the collected data. This software can process information and produced a series of statistical compilations. 



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