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EduStat is a data analysis software adapted to support the implementation of evaluations projects, surveys or research in education. Its users are especially those who use opinions collection, measurement of attitude, estimation of knowledge or appreciation of the performance in order to evaluate learning. This software, available in several versions, assists the staff involved in evaluation activities. We present the complete version of the software; this version includes all options in order to perform many tasks related to the completion of the evaluation of learning activities.


EduStat assists staff associated to an evaluation project in order to achieve several technical activities. We present the related options that are part of this program. We selected the following approach.


Preparation of the evaluation plan


It is first necessary to plan the proposed assessment. It will provide data collection tools used to be able to process the collected information. At this stage, it would be appropriate to question the relevance of retaining the EduStat software to do some technical work.


Sample Selection

If the assessment must be carried out over one or more samples, EduStat includes a series of options for selecting samples and manage the chosen sampling plan.


Preparation instruments used to collect data


Before writing data collection instruments, it is necessary to prepare the specification tables which will have to be integrated to databases; EduStat allows computerization of this planning document.


This software also allows you to create items banks which will be used to prepare tests and contextual questionnaires.


Data entry


EduStat includes options for capturing information and prepare data files that will be integrated to the databases.


Quality control


EduStat includes options for checking quality of the data entry.


Statistical compilations

The software can run a set of statistical compilations usually carried out under an evaluation of learning. We can listed:


  • items analysis and differential item functioning;
  • frequency distributions;
  • average means scores;
  • survey analyzes.


It is also possible to prepare macro-commands allowing to execute them at the appropriate time, thus decreasing production time.


The EduStat software allows the preparation of files that can be used by other software, particularly SPSS and XCalibre. This allows complete statistical treatments using other techniques such as the analysis of items with respect to the item responses theory (IRT) or by multivariate analyzes.


EduStat software is used since several years to realize national and international evaluation mainly in education. In addition to the evaluation copy, four software versions allow to meet the needs of various officials in education for doing different works in evaluation activities:

  • a version for preparing items banks and their use;
  • a version for selecting samples;
  • a version for running statistical compilations;
  • a full version including all data processing options.


Each of the complementary versions is designed for staff performing specific activities in the development and administration of an evaluation.


After experimenting the operations of this software using the evaluation version, it will be possible to retain the more adapted version and to obtain a file that will customize the software accordingly.


EduStat software is developed by the Canadian company Micro Centre Pythagore. This firm is associated, since many years, to the realization of evaluation projects in education; EduStat is adapted to execute technical tasks involving the data entry, to prepare databases, to select samples, and to accomplish the quality control on assessment procedures and on the collected data. This software can process information and produced a series of statistical compilations. 



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