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Technical information
The information part of the site is presented over four menus that include options. It is possible to view a series of documents in different formats. Some documents can also be saved. Here is technical information on viewing and recording such documents. 
  • Viewing 
After viewing a slideshow, you can close it by selecting the "Exit Slideshow" button. We then obtain the list of the site menus. 
After selecting a group of videos, a list appears. Then you can select the video of your choice. It is possible to make viewing from two display sizes; you will note that it is better to use a particular size according to the screen. After having watch a video, you can leave it by selecting the "Exit Video" button. The list of active video displays. One can choose another video or press the button "Back"; then we obtain the list of the site menus. 
Documents containing information on various topics are "pdf" format. The list of available documents appears in relation to certain themes. You can view these files by selecting the "Browse" button. The document is displayed; it is possible to scroll down or up. The list of documents appears to the right. You can directly select another document. The "Back" button located at the top of the list provides the list of the site menus. 
  • Recording  
The technique used to make the registration of a document varies depending on the file format.
For videos, you must click on the "Save" button; a window appears at the bottom of the screen indicating that the document is not frequently downloaded and could damage the computer. It is possible to pause the download or cancel it. Following the download, you can immediately delete the document or view the list of downloads. To close this window, select the "X" at the upper right corner.
For slideshows, it is the same procedure used for video except that the message about the possibility of damaging the computer does not appear. After registration, you have to close the window indicating that the recording was made. The list of slide shows is displayed; if appropriated, you can select another document.
For format files "pdf", selecting the button "PDF" opens the document. After consulting the document, you must close the document by clicking the "X" of the window displayed.
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